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The D.C. Sentencing Commission Appoints New Executive Director

Thursday, April 21, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Tuesday, April 19th, the D.C. Sentencing Commission unanimously voted to appoint its new Executive Director.

The Commission has selected its former General Counsel and Interim Executive Director, Linden Fry, for the position.

Following the vote, the Honorable Milton Lee, Commission Chairman, stated that “on behalf of the Commission, we're all thrilled to have you. I hope you are equally as happy to be in the position.”

Mr. Fry has been practicing law in the District for over 10 years. He initially joined the Sentencing Commission in 2011 after clerking for the Honorable John Mott in D.C. Superior Court. As a Commission staff attorney and, ultimately, General Counsel, Mr. Fry specialized in supporting criminal justice practitioners in the use and application of the D.C. Voluntarily Sentencing Guidelines. Mr. Fry was also essential in helping to develop the Commission’s data system.

Mr. Fry left the Commission in 2018 to start his own criminal litigation firm. Much of his work involved representing indigent clients in the D.C. Superior Court who were appointed counsel under the Criminal Justice Act. In November 2021, the Commission brought Mr. Fry back to serve as the Interim Executive Director.

The D.C. Sentencing Commission appointed the new Executive Director, Mr. Fry, to the position and will start effective immediately.