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Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle – Arrest to Sentencing Trends

The attached analysis is a response that includes a high-level overview of arrest, prosecution, and sentencing trends for adult arrests made between 2018 and 2023 in the District of Columbia that contained at least one Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle (UUV) offense. D.C. Code §22-3215 defines Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle as follows: A person commits the offense of Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle if, without the consent of the owner, the person takes, uses, or operates a motor vehicle, or causes a motor vehicle to be taken, used, or operated, for his or her own profit, use or purpose. The term “motor vehicle” means any automobile, self-propelled mobile home, motorcycle, truck, truck tractor, truck tractor with semitrailer or trailer, or bus. In the District, UUV may be charged as a separate count from the property offenses of first or second degree theft or from the “crimes against persons” offenses of robbery or carjacking.